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Mailing Address
Electro Products, Inc. PO Box 1000 Gonzalez, FL 32560
Shipping Address
Electro Products, Inc. 1710 Highway 29 S. Cantonment, FL 32533

About Us

Electro Products, Inc. was established as a Florida corporation in 1967. We have been concentrating our efforts on government procurement since 1987 and have supplied over 200 different items on more than 400 contracts. Present sales run in the one to five million dollars per year range. Our average ABVS rating is over 90.

Electro Products, Inc. is a manufacturing and engineering organization specializing in distribution and/or design of instrumentation and electrical items purchased by government entities and contracting firms. Electro Products, Inc. manufactures obsolete parts for aircraft, military vehicles, and other miscellaneous government equipment requiring machine tooling and/or fabrication. We analyze requirements, do reverse-engineering when required, seek out sources of supply, and prepare for barcoding, packaging and shipping to various government warehouse facilities. Contracts are issued to Electro Products, Inc. where purchasing and invoicing is done inhouse. Seventy percent of all contracts, purchase orders, and payments are handled via Electronic Data Interchange.

Electro Products, Inc. has licensed a new, patented, multichannel sound technology from Verax Technologies, Inc. They are now developing a method for measuring brain activity stimulated by the Verax sound generating process. This feedback system will then search the database for songs and/or sounds providing the maximum stimulation and even in some cases euphoria.

Management Personnel

Randy Metcalf, Technical Sales,

Phillip Parker, IT Manager,

Jeanette Metcalf, President,